Mira x AlSumaar

Ramadan gifting redefined with the collaboration between Mira Farms and Al Sumaar. Al Sumar which stands for “a joyous gathering throughout the night” delivers an exquisite taste of traditional Arabic Coffee with your choice of Saffron & Cardamom. 

This collaboration introduces a box that holds everything you need to make every night in Ramadan memorable and worth sharing. These nuts and dried fruits can be shared raw or can be used in different dishes and desserts. The coffee with a dash of Saffron is much needed after a heavenly and heavy Iftar. And let us not forget about the delicious box of chocolate that will make the Ramadan night even better. 

What is a Ramadan night without some snacks and coffee? Incomplete that is for sure. 

In order to make every Ramadan night complete, Mira Farms has collaborated with Al Sumar in order to bring you all of Ramadan’s essentials in one simple package. 

Every Iftar starts with some Dried fruits and nuts; and ends with delicious homemade desserts with a hot cup of Arabic Coffee this is why Mira, decided to collaborate with Al Sumar to deliver a gift box during Ramadan that holds the following :

  1. 4 Jars of Mira’s finest dried fruits and nuts 
  2. 1 jar of Saffron 
  3. Coffee Bag from Sumar 
  4. A Box of delicious Chocolate 

Ramadan nights bring us all together, not only for the sake of sharing an Iftar, it brings us together to share good times, stories and to teach us how to be closer to God with every step we take, and it is the time where we, as people, try our best to be kind, forgive and support one another. And this is what Mira Farms is all about. It reminds us that we can enjoy a cup of coffee, delicious snacks, pastries and all types of dishes while supporting other communities with a simple purchase.

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