Ramadan gifting

Mira x AlSumaar

Ramadan gifting redefined with the collaboration between Mira Farms and Al Sumaar. Al Sumar which stands for “a joyous gathering throughout the nig...

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mira's best quality saffron

The Origins of Saffron

With a history that spans over 3,500 years, saffron is one of the oldest and most prized spices in the world, and has been considered a valuable co...

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 Benefits of Dried Fruits | Mira Farms

5 Benefits of Dried Fruits

Who has never struggled with the World Health Organization's recommendation to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day? In our busy daily lives, our lunc...

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Dry Fruits Gift Boxes

The Ultimate Gift

With Eid just around the corner, millions of Muslims are preparing for the celebrations and carefully choosing the most appropriate presents for th...

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