Fun Facts you never knew about Pistachios in Shell

The Nuts of the Table! Pistachios in shell have been the most common and most loved type of nuts over the years by all people; whether sprinkled over cakes and desserts or pistachio flavored ice cream in shell or even crunchy snacks while watching a movie, pistachios in shell have been there with us for quite some time، but have you ever asked yourself why?

Of course Pistachios in shell do have significant health benefits, but there are a lot of fun facts that you never knew about these crunchy delicious nuts !

3 Fun Facts about Pistachios in shell :-

  1. Pistachios in shell origins started in the Middle East & Central Asia specifically in Uzbekistan and then it started to expand all over the world.

  1. Pistachios in shell are referred to as being the "Food of Royalty" and this goes back to the story of the Queen of Sheba who prevented anyone from eating ،these nuts just so she could enjoy eating them alone ! Even the Roman Emperors as well-loved snacking and enjoying the delicious crunch of pistachios and this is why it is highly linked to sophistication and royalty.

  1. Pistachios in shell are the top rating nuts today, having the highest number of demand.

Top 5 Pistachio's In Shell Health Benefits:

  1. Promotes heart health by reducing the level of cholesterol .

  2. Prevents Muscular Diseases since it is rich in nutrients.

  3. Promotes intestinal health since it is rich in fiber.

  4. Prevents the risk of cancer being rich in nutrients.

  5. Helps weight lose being rich in fiber and & protein .

 As you see pistachios in shell are more than just a delicious crunch or a mouthwatering ice cream, this type of nuts holds so much history and health benefits ! so what are you waiting for? Purchase yours and enjoy a healthy snack at anytime.

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