Healthy Hacks with Walnuts !

Bet you can't resist the delicious crunch of walnuts. Whether your eating some walnuts alone as snacks, or adding some walnuts to snack bars, or even adding these walnuts to your dishes, Walnuts are stars to everything they are added to.


 Top 5 Health Benefits of Walnuts:-


  1. A Natural Treatment for inflammation:
    1. Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 and magnesium and polyphenols all of these combined in walnuts help in fighting stress and inflammation being a natural treatment of inflammation.


  1. Regulates and maintains body weight
    1. Walnuts are seen as a great source of energy and calorie dense nuts. This is why many dietitians prefer walnuts in any diet since they can help in keeping the patient full for a sometimes while absorbing energy with less calories.


  1. Lower the risk of Diabetes:
    1. since they are seen as a great source of regulating and maintaining body weight, walnuts can help reduce the risk of diabetes.


  1. Lower Blood pressure:
    1. just like other types of nuts, walnuts do play a huge role in lowering and regulating the blood pressure of an individual.


  1. Improves the brain function:
    1. Similar to their shell, walnuts do play a massive role in improving and maintaining a healthy brain function and speeding up the processing being rich in nutrients.


Adding Walnuts to your diet:-


Walnuts are available anywhere at anytime. you can find Walnuts at grocery shops, nuts shops and even in stores that sell spices.

Since walnuts are widely available it is practical to add them to your diet; you can have walnuts added to your diet through:-


  1. Grab them as they are and have a couple of walnuts, between meals as snacks to keep you full.
  2. Add some walnuts to your salads : green salads or fruit salads.
  3. Chop some walnuts and add them to a dip or sauce.
  4. Add some Walnuts to your oatmeal breakfast.
  5. Walnut based snack bars for kids or even for work.


There are different ways to add walnuts to your lifestyle, to increase healthy habits and maintain a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.


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