Be the Difference you Seek Support Women in Afghanistan

It is evident that Mira Farms is the home to all your healthy snack cravings, but Mira Farms is more than just the crunchy nuts and delicious dried fruits, it about Supporting women in Afghanistan, empowering underprivileged women by offering them with opportunities that will push them to become independent, powerful and heard.  

Why Support Women in Afghanistan:-

Over the years, Afghani women have required significant humanitarian assistance, and with the latest developments in shifting governmental powers; the case became even worse. Until today, Women and children are massively suffering from extreme violence knowing that they make up around half of all civilian casualties. They continue to be at risk of targeted attacks. Afghanistan has been the deadliest place for women and children for the past six years.

Due to these reasons, and many others, Mira Farms focus on supporting women in Afghanistan by providing them with various sustainable sources of income and opportunities, in addition to a wide range of economic and social benefits. 

How Does Mira Support Women in Afghanistan:-

The delicious and crunchy taste you get from Mira’s organic snacks are all originally from Afghanistan; with the initiative to support underprivileged women in Afghanistan Mira Farms was able to grant over 8,000 Afghans, 70% of whom are women, the opportunity to work, gain money and seek medical and life benefits that will help them and their families. 

Not only that but every purchase done at Mira Farms, whether online or in the physical store, you are helping in supporting women in Afghanistan since every time you purchase from Mira, you are donating to the social commitment and initiative that focuses on supporting women in Afghanistan. 

We all aspire to live in a peaceful world, so let us start by being the change we would like to seek in the world! Satisfy your cravings with our delicious and crunchy snacks while supporting women in Afghanistan with every order. 

Visit our website and let us make a difference together!

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