4 Different Types Of Saffron That are Most Famous

Do you know that over 90 diseases can naturally be treated with saffron? Today, saffron is mostly used as a distinctive spice to provide a variety of foods with an alluring flavor and scent. Naturally, as natural remedies gain popularity, more and more individuals are getting interested in the therapeutic benefits of this spice. Based on the country of origin, saffron is frequently split into different groups. Currently, Iran, Afghanistan, Spain, and Greece are the top saffron producers.
Currently, Persian saffron is by far the most sought-after variety. This is among the most expensive spices in the world. The saffron price in UAE & other parts of the world is normally higher than the country producing it. This was not only the world's earliest evidence of saffron cultivation discovered in Ancient Persia, but this area also provides more than 90% of the world's entire supply. 

Buying Saffron: Different types

According to several third-party distributors the "best quality saffron in the world," is virtually always falsely advertised. Fortunately for customers, saffron's potency and quality can be quantified. A lab analysis of the product is used to determine the saffron's quality; when evaluating saffron, three primary aspects should be taken into account: this includes safranal, Crocin, and Picocrocin. So before you search dry fruits shop near me & buy saffron, read & understand the different types of saffron available in the market. 


The small, plump portion of the stigma that is near the top and contains some crumbs is called the Sargol. This is entirely crimson in color and functions admirably in powder form. Most frequently, sargol is used in cookery & gift boxes in Dubai because of its coloring abilities. It has a wonderful aroma and color, making it perfect for everyday usage and in restaurants.


Among all Persian saffron kinds, Poshal is the most affordable option. because the stigma's base is simply that yellow and orange color (this part of the flower is called the style). Very little saffron is used in the style, and neither its medicinal nor culinary effects are very noteworthy. Furthermore, it has a lot of moisture, so you're receiving even less for your money.

Super Negin

The most expensive variety of saffron is Super Negin Super, which has finely trimmed threads, no yellow color, and no crumbs either. This high-quality saffron has the main strand and is quite aromatic. This kind of saffron is the most strong and works best when used to make tea or as a skin treatment. Pushali Negin Saffron is just another name for super negin. People also gift super begin as gift boxes in Dubai to their loved ones.


Negin is lengthier and contains some yellow and orange thread sections when compared to Sargol and Super Negin. Simply described, the smell, quality, and purity are still excellent, but you do pay for some of the lower-quality yellow and red strands.
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Wrapping up 

Saffron is much more than just its mouthwatering flavor and distinctive smell. Its different types also come into play when using the powerful active chemicals in saffron. Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits of saffron from mental to ocular health.