Haji Nisar Ahmad Azai has been cultivating saffron for the past 21 years in his native Afghan province, Herat, which makes him one of the saffron pioneers!

With the passing of the years and the experience he gained, he has become a firm advocate of Afghanistan's 'red gold', and is extremely proud that it has been awarded World's Best Saffron for many years in a row. He states that the saffron industry creates many employment opportunities, especially for women, who are responsible for picking, cleaning and drying the flowers.

Nisar has participated in many workshops, conferences, saffron exhibitions and business trainings throughout the years to polish his knowledge. Apart from saffron, he cultivates the hope to boost his business in the future, and to someday be able to introduce the world to his own saffron brand!

In his free time he enjoys playing sports and reading the newspapers.

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