The Ultimate Gift

With Eid just around the corner, millions of Muslims are preparing for the celebrations and carefully choosing the most appropriate presents for their loved ones. The most common gifts remain to be cash (known as ‘Eidi’), clothes and giving money to charities. However, the boxes of treats have seen an increased popularity lately: they are often used as corporate gifts, but also as housewarming gifts and party gifts. And they are always a must for decorating the table that will bring the whole family together during the celebrations.

In the spirit of sharing, imagine being able to find an Eid gift that would be with purpose, elegance, stylishness, easy to share, and suitable for the whole family, and packed with delicious, keto friendly healthy snacks – yes, all in one!

Empowering snacks

Mira Farms’ Afghan dried fruits and nuts are of the highest quality on the market. Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they are also packed with nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins. These superfoods are naturally grown by small-scale farmers from all across rural Afghanistan. A majority of them are women, and the main (or sole) provider for their families. In exchange for perpetuating Mira’s vision of healthy, naturally grown goods without any harsh chemicals or additives, we buy their harvests at a fair price, and provide them and their families with free healthcare, vocational training and free schooling for their children.

By earning a fair wage, they are empowered to help themselves and their communities, and to be active contributors to the economic growth of their country.

Reason number 1 to choose Mira Farms! The integrity of the profits made by the sales are reinvested into the social enterprise. It is truly a two in one gift: not only do you get a healthy, delicious and beautiful present, but you also contribute to sustainably improve the lives of underprivileged rural communities of Afghanistan.

Dressed to impress 

Sealed in elegant glass jars and tin boxes covered with vibrant labels delicately designed with stunning details, choose your perfect selection of nuts and dried fruits for an unforgettable present to share during your gatherings. Not only will the vibrant colours catch the eye of your guests, but the subtle details of the natural elements, drawn with an expert touch, will win the approval of the harder to please. Our sumptuous gift sets are also perfect to be reused indefinitely, a place to store goods or products to blend into your home decor.

Our stylish packaging elements can also be a great creative outlet to keep your younger guests happily busy: with only a few brushes and tubes of acrylic paint, let their imagination flow to embellish the containers, or let them create some fun collages with just a few old magazines and a glue stick!

Feeding your 5 senses

There is nothing like gifting (and receiving!) a gift that feeds your 5 senses. And this is exactly what a Mira gift box has to offer! Specially conceived to create happy memories, we have thought of every aspect. Let’s break it down:

  1. Mira’s sundried fruits and raw nuts are perfectly imperfect. Each little dent, wrinkle and curves tells a story to whom knows how to see. At least, that is what the older generations of farmers like to repeat. They are a wonderful esthetic addition on your celebrations table, and their packaging… well, as stated above, their vibrant packaging is a gift for the sight.
  1. Tightly sealed in their airtight containers, Mira’s superfoods retain all their goodness. Not only are they loaded with nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals, but you’ll also instantly feel transported in the lush green fields of apricot trees, walnut bushes and red saffron plantations when you twist open a jar or untap a tin box.
  1. There is nothing like the touch of naturally grown goods. Nature has its inimitable way to carve texture in its produce: feel the soft curves of the walnuts under your fingers, the subtle dents on the back of the smooth almonds and the shy wrinkles of the sundried fruits.
  1. Sound is also an indicator of high-quality superfoods: pay attention to the detonation of crunchiness. As satisfying as it is to the hearing, it confirms the quality of the sun drying process and storage conditions of the raw nuts. And so is the smooth chewy sound when you bite in a sundried fig, raisin or apricot. Subtle, but always reliable.
  1. Last but not least. Let’s be honest… it’s all about the taste. True, there is nothing as satisfactory as feeding all of your 5 senses at the time. However, when the chips are down, the first sense you’re willing to fulfil when choosing a gourmet gift is the taste. Mira’s dried fruits and nuts have been kept away from all additives or harsh chemicals, leaving them to absorb all the best of the Afghan soil, fresh rains and warm sunshine. And that is exactly what they taste like: a torrent of freshness, warmth, sweet and earthy flavour notes pleasing your palate.

 The Ultimate Gift

Now, Eid is already knocking at our doors, but it is never too late to get your sumptuous Mira gift box! Visit our showroom in Dubai Design District or get in touch on WhatsApp for an express delivery in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

It also may be too last minute. You may have your Eid gifts already elegantly packed and ready for your guests, and your table might already be set in a beautiful arrangement of flowers, dried fruits and nuts. That might happen, and if it is the case, don’t worry! Our Mira Gift Boxes, packed with delicious, dried fruits and nuts (and saffron!), are not only the ultimate Eid gift, but the ultimate gift for every occasion and celebration, with our range of gorgeous gift boxes and customizable options for corporate gifting. And our elegant jars are always the perfect healthy snacking treat for yourself!


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