Named with a purpose

Presenting you with world class produce wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful, hard-working staff in Afghanistan: from the independent farmers, naturally growing heirloom produce on their lands, to our dried fruits and nuts surveyors in our processing centers, and all other labourers and management team members on the ground.

And in Dubai, we have been working round the clock to introduce you to our new gifting collection!

Many new boxes have made their way to our gifting shelves, and we have decided to honour our farmers and employees by renaming our packaging after them.

Head to our gift shop and browse through our collections to discover their stories!

By introducing you to our team, we aim to shorten the gap between producers and consumers. We also wish to create a bilateral relationship by inviting you to upload your picture with your favourite Mira product on instagram with the hashtag #MiraFarms, or by email to

Let’s reduce the distance together!

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