How to Make Your Own Dried Fruit Gift Tray for your loved one?

Dry fruit boxes are traditional presents for special occasions, festivals or celebrations. A dry fruit box is also an expression of well-wishes.  Whatever your motivation for giving a dry fruit box might be, it's always fun, since they are a great alternative to standard gifts & also come with health benefits.
The blissful holidays and celebrations like weddings, call for special gifts & the best way to express your affection and make those moments memorable is through meaningful presents. However, choosing the perfect present is a difficult decision for many. The perfect gift for a foodie in your circle, someone who is striving to live a healthy lifestyle or someone who likes to snack on mixed dried fruit is a dried fruit gift box/basket containing dry fruits, nuts, cookies, & patchi chocolates. 

Dry fruits benefits
When it comes to nutrition, dry fruits are better than processed foods. They are also called superfoods and can provide a lot in terms of proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids. Just like other dried fruits, dried berries and nuts are rich in antioxidants. They also have some unique qualities or benefits including the ability to treat certain illnesses or diseases, boost immunity and lower blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol levels..
Dried fruit boxes  including figs, raspberries, dried apricots, and plums are highly rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene, making them excellent providers of minerals.

How to make a dry fruit tray for your loved one?
We advise buying dried fruits in bulk when you are preparing dry fruit gifting trays for the recipients in order to lower the estimated price of every gift tray. You can also buy the ready to use dry fruit boxes from Mira Farms. There, you will find gift boxes of all kinds in handy packaging.

Preparing a dried fruit gift tray is very simple
Giving a present to someone you care about doesn't have to be difficult. A gift tray of dried fruit seems to be the ideal approach to convey your concern for their well-being and desire for the ideal for them. Follow these steps to prepare a gift tray of dried fruit with love for your beloved ones.
  • Find an ideal gift tray.
  • Consider any dietary restrictions the recipients may have when selecting the dried fruits and nuts.
  • Only buy high quality dry fruit. You will find a wide variety of dried fruits available from  Mira Farms.
  • You can arrange the dried fruits in any preferred pattern or design or simply mix them up. 
  • You can also include some additional foods, such asPatchi chocolates and dates or a bottle of honey, that are compatible with dried fruit.
  • Decorate the prepared gift trays with ribbons and bows to give them additional flair and make them appear more expensive. 
There you go, your dried fruit gift tray is finally with your love and affection.