A Red Gold Of Nature

Saffron is an expensive spice with a striking color and powerful scent. Antioxidants are abundant in the spice, which may provide a variety of health benefits.
Saffron can boost mood, stimulate libido, and battle oxidative stress, according to preliminary research. Saffron is generally safe to consume by most individuals, and it is quite easy to incorporate into one's diet. It occupies a good space when it comes to healthy foods to eat.
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Where to buy saffron in Dubai?

If you want to buy saffron in Dubai, it's best to buy from Mira Farms. At Mira Farms, it is available in different packages as per your need. Mira Farms gets the pure saffron from the north eastern province of Herat. At Mira Farms, it is available for the best saffron price in Dubai
Only a few strands of Mira Farms' outstanding saffron will add gentle, fragrant flavors to your dishes, bringing them to life. What's more enticing? Opening the saffron box will fill your space wit/h a captivating heavenly fragrance. Mira Farms also takes saffron order online.

What is the saffron price in Dubai?

Saffron is among the most pricey spices in the world, with each ounce costing more than $500. When it comes to the  saffron price in Dubai, good quality saffron at Mira Farms costs about 194 AED/10 Grams.
Since it is such a labor-intensive product, it is incredibly costly. The saffron crocus blooms in the fall. In the middle of each blossom are 3 small, threadlike stigmas. 
These need to be gently removed by hand and roasted to dry. More than 80,000 crocus blossoms must be planted, cared for, hand-harvested, and treated to produce one pound of saffron. All these factors make saffron so expensive. Saffron is also accessible in many dry fruits shops in Abu Dhabi.

What are the health benefits of Saffron?

Despite its high cost, saffron has numerous advantages & is among the healthy foods to eat. The below are just a few of the benefits you can obtain from adding a bit of saffron to your diet.
  1. Improves skin quality, treats acne & other skin problems.
  2. Lifts the mood & treats depressive symptoms.
  3. May keep cancer & cancer causing germs away.
  4. May reduce appetite & aid weight loss
  5. Prevents nervous system disorders
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How to use it?

Adding a few strands of saffron to a cup of boiling water is an easy way to introduce saffron to a meal. This extracts the most of the taste from the saffron. After that, both the water and the saffron can be added to a savory meal after you finish the cooking process.
Saffron is widely available as a supplement, most commonly in the form of crushed stigmas in capsules. Before starting any new saffron  product or placing saffron order online, read the directions on the package and consult with a doctor.

How Do I Choose Saffron?

Saffron is extremely costly. Many bogus and contaminated products are colored to look like saffron, therefore, it is important to choose the right dry fruits shop Abu Dhabi for buying saffron. Put a small amount of saffron in milk or lukewarm water to see if it is pure or not. 
If the water changes colors right quickly, the saffron is a fake. True saffron must soak for 10 to 15 minutes in milk or lukewarm  water before its deep red color and fragrance develop.

Wrapping up

Saffron is a strong spice that is high in antioxidants. It's been associated to a variety of health advantages, including increased mood, libido, and sexual performance, as well as a reduction in Period pains and fat loss.
Most importantly, it is relatively safe for several people and simple to incorporate into your diet. To reap the health advantages of saffron, try integrating it into your favorite foods or purchasing a supplement online.