Dear ADIB Family Member,

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and loyalty to our business. As a token of appreciation, we have included a special gift in this package for you.

By having this special gift & story you are contributing & supporting FBMI (FATIMA BINT MOHAMED BIN ZAYED INITIATIVE) in empowering women and children in Afghanistan.

FBMI is a social enterprise that aims to empower the world’s most underprivileged communities by creating a market to sell their produce globally, with all profits invested back into the initiative.

FBMI invests locally in healthcare, education, numerous social and economic reforms by dedicating funds; and provides employment opportunities in the arts & crafts and agriculture industries through their businesses: Mira & Zuleya where every purchase makes a difference.

Mira offers exceptional dried fruits, nuts and spice that are handpicked and dried daily on the farm, making sure all their goodness stays intact.

Zuleya is the retail brand in the UAE that sells the handicrafts made by the FBMI in Afghanistan.


Do not hesitate to check out Mira Farms, the FBMI business we collaborated with, on social and website and order your refill for more of the finest quality raw nuts, saffron and dried fruits.

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